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Gourmet Madrid Tours Experiences

img-quienesGourmet Madrid Tours was founded by long time professionals of the wine business, wine and food tourism and Madrid cultural heritage.
Our target was to consolidate an offer with the inside knowledge of a local madrilian that could assemble the best possibilities of, not only the city of Madrid, but its province, surrounding wine regions and villages.
Always with wine and gastronomy as conductors, we like to provide a cultural insight, off the track experiences and the contact with the local character. We are also commited to bring the Community of Madrid to the top position it deserves as a gastronomic destination in the spanish and world scene.

Since 2008 we have achieved in leaving the warm feeling in our customers of having drunk, eaten, laughed and learnt something, all in good company.


Enrique Menasalvas Belmonte

Enrique Gourmet Madrid

A sensitive man with many talents. The most impressive being a rare gift of empathy, which is impossible to learn. He did however train in oenology(wine making) and makes his own wines in the region of Extremadura.

A flamenco guitarist, self taught Madrid Historian, a horseback guide and editor of a rural sociology magazine. He lives in constant tension between two worlds, the struggle of cosmopolitan life of his native Madrid and the rural life he adopted in Hervás.

This concoction of compost from the countryside, the neon lights of the city and the pavement of his path of living in other European cities; this all gives him a global perspective and techniques for submerging our visitors into great depths of cuisine, wine culture and history of Madrid and Spain.

He gives tours of wineries and tours of tapas and taverns of Madrid, and he still has time to pick olives on his days off.


Jaime Baeza

Director Gourmet Madrid Tours-Journalist, born and raised in Madrid by a family with the conviction that  wisdom blooms in people at the aperitif time by the bar counters.

While photographing and writing about cultural heritage in the Department of Architecture of Madrid´s regional government, he started up a wine distribution company, putting to good use the knowledge gained from years sneaking into wine fairs under the guise of being a journalist.  Carefully he selected wines from different regions and unusual grapes that, finally,  ended up drinking by himself due to his unquestioned inability to sell them in such a cainite and conservative market.
It was then, in a 180 degree turn, when he decided to apply the phrase “If the mountain does not not come to Muhammad … Muhammad will go to the mountain”. And devoted his efforts to bring people close to wine, one way or another. To this end he searched for the ideal business partner, finding Cristina Alonso instead, with whom he founded Gourmet Madrid.
Now he can professionaly fulfil his three great passions: wine, Madrid and writing about himself in the third person.
He is also a sommelier, member of the Spanish Union of Tasters and collaborates in several  gastronomic radio programs.

Cristina Alonso

-A professional engineer,  she was the pioneer of wine tourism in Spain. From her stronghold in Burgos, halfway between La Rioja and Ribera del Duero wine regions, she has for 11 years organised customized tours for individuals and groups at the most important wine regions and wineries.

This dynamic entrepreneur is:  foundress of the travel agency Vintage Spain-Rutas de Vino, co-founder of Gourmet Madrid, winemaker in Ribera del Duero with her brand Lara O, co-director of the travel agency for the Russian market Isabel Boutique Tours and president of the Spanish Association of Wine and Culinary Tourism.
She is not: ventriloquist, glassblower, translator of ancient languages​​, reknown accordionist, scuba diver or exotic dancer. But she could probably be if she tried to.

Ismael Suarez

Ismael Gourmet Madrid-Sociologist by profession, this “Madrileño” went to Japan for his doctoral thesis. On his return, with many stories to tell and many to keep quiet about, he employed all his energies in learning what it takes to set up a snail farm for human consumption and cosmetic uses (seriously).
Met Gourmet Madrid in a wine fair and fortunately for him, for the company, and the molluscs in general, was quickly hired by his people skills, his knowledge and his role as rugby player.

The first two enable him to provide an unforgettable and instructive time with customers. The third allows him to break through to the crowded bars to get the drinks and tapas.
The doctoral thesis is of course incomplete. If you are eccentric enough you can become its protagonist.

Sonia Santamaría

There is not a good rock band without a good drummer.  Setting the beat with the emails, keeping the rithym with clients and suppliers, holding the database tuned and attending the customers by phone with the same enthusiasm as the exclamation marks with which she ends all the emails!

Seeing her in person is a pleasure reserved for just few of us.